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Hampton Cleaning Services

Your home is more than just a house—it’s your sanctuary—a space where you can relax, unwind, and spend time doing the things you love. At Blanquita cleaning services, our cleaning services go beyond the basic services and provide you with a comprehensive clean that will re-energize your home and enhance your life. From everyday housekeeping to routine cleanings and seasonal services, our professional team members can provide you with an unrivaled experience.

All rooms (including hallways & stairs)

  • Ceiling fans dusted

  • Light fixtures dusted

  • Sliding Doors – inside & out (no more than 1)

  • Blinds & shutters (dusted)

  • Baseboards dusted

  • Lamps & lampshades

  • Pictures & knick-knacks dusted

  • Furniture wiped down

  • Doors dusted

  • Garbage cans (emptied/relined)

  • Air Vents (dusted when accessible)

  • Stairs & Railings (vacuumed and dusted)

  • Floors (vacuumed &/or mopped)

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs

  • Vacuum couch

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • All horizontal surfaces dusted

  • Light organizing of items on all horizontal surfaces


  • Mirrors (all way to top reachable areas)

  • Tub/shower & tiles (double scrubbed if build up)

  • Toilet inside and out

  • All bathroom counters & fixtures (hand-wiped)

  • Clean bathroom floors


  • Exterior of all kitchen appliances polished

  • Interior of Oven/Refrigerator (upon request only)

  • Stovetop scrubbed

  • Microwave inside & out

  • All Cabinet within reach wiped down

  • Counter tops

  • Sinks & faucets (scrubbed/disinfected)


  • Make beds

  • Change linens (if clean sheets are out)

  • Vacuum & mop Floors

  • Furniture dusted

Move in/out Clean:

  • Refrigerator & Freezer (interior)

  • Oven (interior)

  • Kitchen & Bathroom cabinets & drawers (interior)

  • Interior Cabinets and Drawers

  • Closets (interior)

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